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About the Event

The Brand Summit is a platform created by Imago DA for engaging indigenous business owners on relevant conversations about branding. We seek to empower African businesses on a path to becoming global brands and this annual summit is one of the ways we hope to achieve this aim.

As with many other relevant topics, there is no one-size-fits-all perspective on branding. Factors such as location, unique contexts, exposure and assumptions, continue to shape how people view this important concept. Regardless of this, there are some fundamentals that hold true across board. Based on this awareness, we have chosen to take this year’s conversation to the ground level with the theme:

Branding: Essential or Extra?

We hope this focus would help all attendees build a healthy perspective on branding unique to where they are and where they hope to be.

The virtual event would consist of two main sessions;

  1. The Brand PanelA panel of professionals and entrepreneurs across different industries who have significant experience in the process of building a brand would give their perspective on this topic.
  2. The Brand ConversationAn interactive session where all attendees would have the chance to share their own experiences, challenges and breakthroughs with branding.

The Summit is set to hold on Saturday, 3rd October via Zoom.

Time: 12 – 2pm